Water Innovation Lab

Water Innovation Lab is a phisical space where universities, water utilities, startups, and corporates from different countries are working together on innovative technologies for water, energy, and agrifood infrastructure.

We are creating an ecosystem that is boosting R&D, innovation commercialization and integration of best available solutions in the South of Ukraine.

Our projects


University program on innovation development and management

At our course, we provide researchers with the tools to create value through new technologies and leaders to bring water utilities to the next level. Ukrainian water infrastructure needs innovative solutions and people who are capable of developing and implementing them.

This project is designed to foster skills that are required to achieve breakthrough productivity at this transition stage of Ukrainian water infrastructure.


Capacity building measures for water utilities

Since 2018 Mykolaiv Water Hub has been providing capacity building measures for the personnel of water utilities.

We cooperate with 20+ water utilities in Ukraine and with our German partners aim to ensure effective management of water infrastructure and to make our contribution to the development of the human potential of water utilities sector.


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