Scholarship program

Girls in stem for Mykolaiv

The scholarship program “Girls in STEM for Mykolaiv” aims to inspire, support, and empower schoolgirls in the South of Ukraine, pursuing education and careers in crucial sectors: water, energy and agrifood infrastructure.

This initiative, supported by enercity AG, the Siemens Foundation, and the German Water Partnership, is open to schoolgirls from Mykolaiv, Odesa, and Kherson oblasts.

The scientific, industrial, and human capital potential of Ukraine’s Southern Region lies in the hands of its youth. We are enhancing this potential by providing financial support, mentorship, and equipment to outstanding schoolgirls with a passion for STEM disciplines, especially in water-related research areas.


Key Milestones

March 2024
Launch of fundraising campaign in Germany
April 2024
Open call for applications in Ukraine
June 2024
Distribution of first scholarships
October 2024
Launch of STEM-lectures and mentorship courses

Program components

Scholarships three times per year: 150 EUR/per girl/per year
Scientific equipment and interactive STEM-lectures
Mentorship and career advising
Our goal

Empowering Girls in STEM

This initiative is designed to inspire, support, and empower girls pursuing education and careers in traditionally male-dominated sectors such as water, energy, and agrifood infrastructure. The “Girls in STEM for Mykolaiv” scholarship program offers funding for educational and research expenses for selected students. In addition, schoolgirls will benefit from mentorship opportunities, interactive lectures, and career development workshops tailored to their STEM interests and goals.

Applications for the “Girls in STEM for Mykolaiv” scholarship program are now open to girls entering or currently enrolled in STEM-related research at Minor Academy of Science in Mykolaiv, Odesa, and Kherson.
Our goal is to raise 10.000 EUR:
– 6.000 EUR to provide the scholarships;
– 4.000 EUR to purchase interractive learning STEM-equipment for the lessons.


How to support

Please donate any amount convenient for you on the following bank or Paypal account:

Account holder: 
Initiative für Wissensaustausch, Empowerment und Kultur e.V.
IBAN: DE53100500000190795093
Berliner Sparkasse
Reason of Payment: “Girls in STEM”


For donations starting from 300 EUR, we will be glad to issue you a Donation Confirmation for your Tax Declaration and to offer you a present.

Members of our scolarship program

Young scientists we support

Andropova Darya

Restoration of the dendroflora of southern Ukraine under climate change conditions

Bohdanova Tetiana

Evaluation of the main anthropometric indicators of school-aged children

Hontsa Khrystyna

Creation of Smart Things for a Comfortable Life

Dziubenko Kateryna

Maths without borders

Dibrivna Anastasiia

Green Energy for Mykolaiv

Dryha Daria

Investigating Methods of Water Purificatio

Dunaitseva Sofiia

Natural and Commercial Fertilizers. Poison. Their Impact on the Environment

Zatsarna Viktoriia

Determination of Heavy Metal Salts and Nitrates/Nitrites in Vegetables and Fruits

Zvoz'kova Anna

Ornithofauna of the Passeriformes Order in the Steppe Biotopes of Snihurivka

Ivanytska Valeriia

Project Work with LEGO Spike Prime, 3D Modeling in Tinkercad

Ivanova Roksana

Chemical Analysis of Irrigation Water as a Basis for Assessing Its Quality

Ihnatenko Olha

City on the Wave: Mykolaiv with Water and Without Water

Martsyn Daryna

Methods of Water Purification at Home

Mykhailo Mariia

Alternative Sources of Electricity as an Effective Replacement for Centralized Power Supply in Wartime Conditions (Statistical Aspect)

Oranchuk Dana

Informed, Therefore Armed. Internet of Things

Petrushkova Anastasiia

Study of the Impact of Interspecific Hybridization and Synthetic Polyploidy on the Biometric and Cytometric Indicators of Daylily Varieties

Samborska Karolina

Green Energy – Alternative Energy Source

Slatvynska Tetiana

The Connection of Climate Change, Environmental Pollution, and War Impact with the Behavior and Vital Activities of Insects and Mollusks

Titarchuk Yelyzaveta

Creation of Agricultural Internet of Things

Tomchenko Mariia

Impact of Pesticides on the Environment and Human Health, Features of Their Chemical Composition

Trosheva Nonna

Mental Illnesses and How They Arise

Ushkats Iryna

Investigation of the Causes, Features, and Existing Methods to Mitigate the Negative Impact of Vegetable Oil Spills on the Ecosystem of the Bug Estuary Due to a Technogenic Accident Caused by Military Actions

Chebanenko Anastasiia

Ornithological Research in the Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi District, Odesa Region

Chorna Mariia

Study of the Biological Activity of Growth Stimulators on the Example of ‘Lignohumate’: Laboratory Experiment Results

Yudina Nadiia

Ecosystem Restoration: Strategies and Effectiveness of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Recovery in the South

Our projects


Water Innovation Lab

Water Innovation Lab is a phisical space where universities, water utilities, startups, and corporates from different countries are working together on innovative technologies for water, energy, and agrifood infrastructure.

We are creating an ecosystem that is boosting R&D, innovation commercialization and integration of best available solutions in the South of Ukraine.


University program on innovation development and management

At our course, we provide researchers with the tools to create value through new technologies and leaders to bring water utilities to the next level. Ukrainian water infrastructure needs innovative solutions and people who are capable of developing and implementing them.

This project is designed to foster skills that are required to achieve breakthrough productivity at this transition stage of Ukrainian water infrastructure.


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